About Organic Bountea

Who Are We?

Bountea is a privately owned company whose aim is to provide high quality products and growing solutions that promote a bio-organic sustainable approach to plant growth and soil ecology.

Our Vision is to:

  • Support a sustainable approach to gardening and agriculture that is essential for human health and the health of our planet.
  • Help gardeners experience the joy and satisfaction of growing beautiful and productive gardens.
  • Cooperate with cultivators who share a vision of healthier growing practices
  • Stay at the cutting edge of organic growing systems and products
  • Support, educate and satisfy our customers
  • Invest a percentage of net profits in support of sustainable growing projects
  • Create a more beautiful and sustainable planetary environment.

To this end, we believe: That all life on earth deserves respect and nurturing
That we have a responsibility to educate and support those in need.

Organic Bountea

(Soil Health Solutions LLC)

Colorado Office
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Phone: 707-709-8878
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