Bountea is a privately owned company that aims to provide the highest quality, most effective products and plant growing solutions.   We promote what we term a bio-organic approach to plant growth and soil ecology.  Our products are biologically active  and completely natural with beneficial microorganisms, essential minerals and proprietary ingredients.

The Evans Family

Bountea was founded by John Evans and is directed by Roland Evans. The Evans family has a lineage of dedicated gardeners starting with Violet R. H. Evans, at Ffrwdgrech House in Wales.

The Inventor

John Evans, the inventor of Bountea products, is a gardening wizard with over 400 first place awards for quality vegetables, 9 World Records for Giant Vegetables and 18 Alaska State records. Watch John show the World Record results of the Bountea Compost Tea System in The Secret is in the Soil.

Bountea Projects

As a fundamental part of our mission, Bountea supports non-profit projects that promote sustainable agriculture, organic gardening and education: